Syncing with ServiceNow

Syncing with ServiceNow: 4 reasons to say yes to ServiceNow Knowledge 2023

April 26, 2023 Andy Whiteside Season 1 Episode 16
Syncing with ServiceNow: 4 reasons to say yes to ServiceNow Knowledge 2023
Syncing with ServiceNow
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Syncing with ServiceNow
Syncing with ServiceNow: 4 reasons to say yes to ServiceNow Knowledge 2023
Apr 26, 2023 Season 1 Episode 16
Andy Whiteside

We’re excited to announce that ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 registration is open. This year, we’re thrilled to be able to convene at one global event May 14-18, 2023, at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas.

Our flagship user conference is an opportunity to gather with like-minded people who are passionate about creating great experiences for employees, customers, and partners.

When the world changes, as it has in the last few years, you need to be ready to automate, drive productivity, and address today's needs while building a promising future. You can say yes to all of these. How? Join us at Knowledge to find out how to create endless possibilities that spark transformation. 

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Fred Reynolds

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We’re excited to announce that ServiceNow Knowledge 2023 registration is open. This year, we’re thrilled to be able to convene at one global event May 14-18, 2023, at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas.

Our flagship user conference is an opportunity to gather with like-minded people who are passionate about creating great experiences for employees, customers, and partners.

When the world changes, as it has in the last few years, you need to be ready to automate, drive productivity, and address today's needs while building a promising future. You can say yes to all of these. How? Join us at Knowledge to find out how to create endless possibilities that spark transformation. 

Host: Andy Whiteside
Co-host: Fred Reynolds


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Andy Whiteside: However, I want to welcome to episode 16 of sinking we service now i'm your host, Andy White Side. I got Fred riddles with me. Fred runs our modern apps practice, which

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Fred Reynolds: is a big dose of that, is service. Now, Fred, how's it going? Going? Great Andy? Glad to be back. I missed the last couple of podcasts. I'm excited to be back with you.

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Andy Whiteside: You're not in your normal office.

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Fred Reynolds: No, i'm not. I'm actually about at the Lake House.

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Andy Whiteside: Oh, cool

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Andy Whiteside: Some power wash into that tonight, but it's freezing, so i'm kind of regretting that so, being a suit, power, Washington is not going to work. Well, it's cool. It's crazy. I mean no worries. It'll be hot, as you know what, pretty soon.

00:00:40.330 --> 00:00:52.070
Fred Reynolds: and they we've got a bunch of guys visiting one of which is from Montreal, and he's like man this weather's phenomenal, i'm like No, it it's cold, it is it's hot here. They're like Well, yeah, it gets hot.

00:00:52.480 --> 00:00:55.680
Andy Whiteside: What about human

00:00:56.190 --> 00:00:58.960
Andy Whiteside: like this? You humid there? Yeah, for a week or 2 i'm like No, no.

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Andy Whiteside: They haven't seen here. But we got 4 months of human coming.

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Fred Reynolds: all right. Well, we have an interesting topic today, and this is all about

00:01:09.430 --> 00:01:18.150
Andy Whiteside: the service. Now. Conference is coming up knowledge which hopefully people are going to the okay. The blog is named. Okay, so the Dates day is

00:01:18.260 --> 00:01:30.300
Andy Whiteside: April 20, fifth, 2,023. This blog is from February, and the title of it is 4 reasons to say yes to the address I mean, for reasons to say yes, to service now knowledge. 2023,

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Andy Whiteside: Fred. We hit technical topics, and then we hit kind of, you know, surface level topics. Why are we talking about knowledge.

00:01:39.860 --> 00:01:49.540
Fred Reynolds: Well, you know, and it's a good point. We do like to have these technical conversation on this podcast, but the truth is, this is the biggest user community event the service now has.

00:01:49.540 --> 00:02:08.440
Fred Reynolds: you know, for its customers forest partners. That was 2,023 is going to be really big this year. They did not have it for a couple of years, our Covid. So this is getting everybody back together. You're talking about thousands of people, lots of content. So i'm really excited to a 10 out of 23 this year. We want to help.

00:02:08.449 --> 00:02:16.770
Fred Reynolds: you know. Make sure people are aware of it. We got a lot of month to go before we get there, or a few weeks, I should say so hopefully. More people can get to knowledge if they want to go.

00:02:17.310 --> 00:02:20.440
Andy Whiteside: But how many free passes has integrated up

00:02:20.530 --> 00:02:21.910
Fred Reynolds: 10,

00:02:22.320 --> 00:02:38.830
Fred Reynolds: so we've still maybe have one or 2 passes we can get a hold of if somebody here's this podcast, and once again reach out to us. Yeah, definitely. We want, You know, Z Integr's model. Build a community of of customers, employees, and vendors these conferences. What you've experienced with us. I think twice. Now.

00:02:39.030 --> 00:02:58.520
Fred Reynolds: it's this is where it happens. Yeah, I think that's why i'm so excited about this. I'm going to other conferences that we're other technology leaders. But service now presence was known through us there, and how easily it all integrate with it. So this is service now's conference, and they have so much. I think they're going to help uncover for the Utah release.

00:02:58.520 --> 00:03:02.550
Fred Reynolds: and just some of the content they're working on. So this is, you know we'll get into it here in this

00:03:02.710 --> 00:03:11.950
Fred Reynolds: podcast, maybe, but I think that just a number of activities they have at these events over 4 days. It is really amazing. It's gonna be large.

00:03:12.370 --> 00:03:21.620
Andy Whiteside: and and I can't wait to get the number 3, because that's the one that I get the most excited about, because just humans being around humans and sharing, and we really try to pull that out of people.

00:03:21.650 --> 00:03:24.280
Fred Reynolds: There is a great job of that for sure.

00:03:24.450 --> 00:03:30.000
Andy Whiteside: all right. So number one amazing content. What does that mean?

00:03:30.200 --> 00:03:51.090
Fred Reynolds: So you know, with with this conference i'll say it like this in a general level. So amazing content means it one. They have it set up with a lot of keynotes throughout the at least 3 days of it. I think the keynote start on Tuesday. If it starts on Sunday, Monday, but Tuesday starts keynote, Andy, and there's so much to get out of these keynotes, because, you know, Bill Mcdonald would will kick it off.

00:03:51.090 --> 00:04:05.550
Fred Reynolds: This will start getting into different things that are are really focused on areas for people like, you know, saving money cost reduction things like that that they can work on to how to make the service. Now, platform work for you. You know

00:04:05.550 --> 00:04:14.450
Fred Reynolds: all these types of keynote. There's 6 different keynote that I've counted over the the days that will be there. So that's one way they do it. Another thing they do is they have

00:04:14.530 --> 00:04:16.120
Fred Reynolds: a lot of sessions.

00:04:16.579 --> 00:04:46.550
Fred Reynolds: a a lot of sessions where you can go and learn from users themselves. So they have customer panels where they go in and talk to some of the customers that are user service. Now, how it's benefited them. They do have service out of sales delivering some live demo conversations very interactive. A lot of it is just about learning gives you a place to ask the question. So in some areas that I looked at around. Let's just say AI or something, Andy, you know there's multiple sessions on there so soon. They have a a sign up list where you have to sign up for the classes for everyone

00:04:46.550 --> 00:05:04.920
Fred Reynolds: going, but they fill up pretty quickly for all the hot topics. But there's you know, non sessions per most of the main topics. They haven't broke off from some of the verticals like healthcare, or or you know, a finance manufacturer. So you have it. Focus on those particular sessions.

00:05:04.920 --> 00:05:20.820
Fred Reynolds: Another one I'm. Excited about is create a con or the build space, Andy, which we would talk about earlier today. You know building applications through service now for some of our vendors, for, you know, making it easy for customers to go to the service now store and grab an app to do exactly what

00:05:20.820 --> 00:05:35.360
Fred Reynolds: they were looking to do to solve a use case. It's amazing what the Platform allows you to do. So i'm interested to get there. Go to a few sessions on the build part of the platform and create a con shows a lot of what people have done. They come there showcase.

00:05:35.400 --> 00:05:37.600
Fred Reynolds: You know what they worked on right?

00:05:37.970 --> 00:05:48.710
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, we the experience that recently, at the conference, the Igl disrupt conference, we went to where, you know, people came just like a breakout session, and they said they weren't coming. But when the time came they came they did, and

00:05:48.730 --> 00:05:52.220
Andy Whiteside: their interaction was just really valuable.

00:05:52.410 --> 00:05:53.970
Fred Reynolds: Absolutely indeed.

00:05:54.460 --> 00:06:22.780
Fred Reynolds: right next one says immersive experiences, and you know I don't take enough advantage of that when I go to conferences. But what? What? What do we expect? It's service now? Knowledge in terms of immersive experience. Andy, I hope maybe you do go into a couple of these, especially like the Expo Hall, where people are actually showing the demos, and allowing you to put hands on the keyboard. There's actually labs as part of knowledge. But if you wanted to put you handle the keyboard and do some of the things you can actually go in there, sign up, you know. Take your computer

00:06:22.780 --> 00:06:35.780
Fred Reynolds: work in the environment, you know a be a configurator, a developer for a day. I mean some of these things you want to look at. Solving allows you to get that. Put your hands on the keyboard and work with the people who have done it before so very immersive as far as

00:06:35.780 --> 00:06:43.900
Fred Reynolds: Labs, and also the demonstrations of what people have already done with the platform. So it really opens your mind up to the possibilities of what you can do.

00:06:43.910 --> 00:07:11.740
Fred Reynolds: Yeah. Pictures worth the 1 million words. It is just like the last conference where I haven't just the conversations you learn from other people as to you know what they're doing with a platform or what they wish they could solve, and what you explain to them how they can do it, you know, through a platform like this it kind of their. The will is go off the rails, and I was telling someone you know there with the Igl Conference that you know they can. They're dreaming up all the use cases. I could easily, you know.

00:07:11.740 --> 00:07:30.370
Andy Whiteside: Tell them how service not can feel that, but they have all the ideas in their head. Yeah. Well, you take their ideas. Somebody else's in their industry's ideas, the vendors ideas, our ideas. I mean, it's limitless. Yeah. And this commercial experience that Expo hall is going to give you that. So as you go through the expo hall and go to some of those labs.

00:07:30.370 --> 00:07:49.110
Andy Whiteside: You'll see it You'll be able to do it as well. Yeah, we got so we'll we'll do some stuff this year to kind of get people together talking about number 3 here networking opportunities. But as we get deeper and deeper in this service. Now they will start doing birds with feathers and happy hours and free free event dinners, and just, you know, grabbing people

00:07:49.110 --> 00:08:00.310
Fred Reynolds: in the the meal area and just say, hey, Bob, you know, Tom, he's from here, and you're from there now do the same thing, and boom magic happens, you know, and I think the network and opportunities here at service. Now

00:08:00.470 --> 00:08:15.760
Fred Reynolds: knowledge is going to be their forces where we're taking customers with us. We'll make sure we connect our customers with each other, our customers with the vendor, and and have a lot of those conversations, and learn from each other, and in the course attend some of the activities that are already playing as part of

00:08:15.900 --> 00:08:19.970
Fred Reynolds: knowledge as far as from networking the receptions, the happy hours.

00:08:21.040 --> 00:08:22.220
Andy Whiteside: Yeah, I

00:08:22.870 --> 00:08:30.820
Fred Reynolds: I I love how that just kind of happens when you do it the right way in the alright, so anything else around networking opportunities.

00:08:31.190 --> 00:08:48.000
Fred Reynolds: Nope. I think that'll cover all right. So fun activities, all right, what they have going on this year. Am I going to get to see bon Jovi, seeing You're not going to see Bon Jo, you, but I believe who their last closing concert is one republic. So if you like one Republic, that's who the concert is going to be.

00:08:48.080 --> 00:08:50.340
Fred Reynolds: it'll be, I think I

00:08:50.420 --> 00:08:55.850
Fred Reynolds: 5 to 8 concert. So i'm not sure if there's anything in front of it. But definitely, I think we're gonna have a

00:08:55.970 --> 00:09:09.710
Fred Reynolds: a a night of a concert there with one Republic, so they always do something really big. Hey? You know, when Bill Mcdermott comes out as a keynote last time, Andy. We were there for Sco! He came out with a marching band, and if i'm not miss trying to think.

00:09:10.180 --> 00:09:13.320
Fred Reynolds: trying to think of who the artist was he was dancing to

00:09:14.470 --> 00:09:15.480
Fred Reynolds: you. Remember.

00:09:15.710 --> 00:09:17.820
Andy Whiteside: I am.

00:09:17.870 --> 00:09:36.660
Fred Reynolds: Remember, when I listen to in the way I work actually can, which is a he's a concert to himself. So yeah. But the closing concerts of one republic. They have a reception before that. Then the closing concert. So I like to have a little fun with it as well, right, and that's just it. I mean, this is if you're in the service now, we world. This is your Super Bowl week.

00:09:36.720 --> 00:09:41.130
Andy Whiteside: Yes, and anything we can do to make that bigger and better and happen for you.

00:09:41.190 --> 00:09:42.560
Andy Whiteside: We definitely want to.

00:09:43.840 --> 00:09:54.010
Andy Whiteside: That's it. I mean, this will be technically your first time going to knowledge, because historically, you've, you know, put other people in front of you and got your people to go.

00:09:54.400 --> 00:10:10.070
Fred Reynolds: Yeah, absolutely. No. I'm really excited to go. It's funny for 8 years, you know. I I wanted to get there. I've always had tickets, and but always pushed my employees to go through it so they could learn, come back and bring to bring the knowledge to me. But i'm really excited to go. They always.

00:10:10.070 --> 00:10:21.900
Fred Reynolds: I have high marks about what they got out of it, and the and the value of it. So i'm looking forward to Bill myself and spending time with, You know my team and and the customs that are coming with us so

00:10:22.010 --> 00:10:27.530
Andy Whiteside: sweet. for that's it. Anything else going on in your world you want to talk about.

00:10:28.260 --> 00:10:46.690
Fred Reynolds: Oh, there's a lot going on. We have going on. Good. What's the latest with our mated service offering those went live a week or 2 ago. Yeah, I'm glad you asked. So we we have our own, the the main separated instance up and live, and ready for our customers, for those that either want to be fully hosted.

00:10:46.690 --> 00:10:57.630
Fred Reynolds: We can handle everything from all the upgrades, all the configuration, administrative tasks, anything from in the end that a customer would like from a a service now platform and not having to do it themselves, we can do.

00:10:57.630 --> 00:11:12.880
Fred Reynolds: We can. Also. We're making it available for you know, smaller size customers about meeting the minimum license and size for service. Now we have the minimums to licenses, and we certainly can make the implementation calls drastically smaller, based on the fact that it's a

00:11:12.910 --> 00:11:25.400
Fred Reynolds: It is a kind of a canned solution. So it is in. For. For for instance, we we spin that up to get out of the box with a couple of customizations. It's integrated, and the users start consuming it. But it is live and ready.

00:11:25.550 --> 00:11:31.840
Andy Whiteside: That's also yeah, I've been using it as a end user for a couple of weeks now. And yeah, all All good.

00:11:32.170 --> 00:11:33.850
Fred Reynolds: Yeah. Perfect.

00:11:34.300 --> 00:11:38.520
Andy Whiteside: All right, sir. Well, I will let you go hopefully next week we'll have Kristen back, and we can get some

00:11:38.590 --> 00:11:49.720
Fred Reynolds: that cool content back. I'm just getting it is. You gotta talk about this kind of stuff because it all adds up

00:11:50.010 --> 00:11:53.130
Andy Whiteside: to the experience when you're a service now.

00:11:53.220 --> 00:11:55.910
Andy Whiteside: consumer buyer shop.

00:11:56.110 --> 00:12:13.770
Fred Reynolds: Indeed, we may do a follow up later about knowledge. Maybe make it more interactive as some of the things we learn. But certainly it's hard to to to talk about an event that's going to be 4 days long, you know, from from 80'clock in the morning, 80'clock at night. So but hopefully we got the message out there, and it's going to be a big event. And hopefully, somebody's listening to.

00:12:13.790 --> 00:12:19.580
Fred Reynolds: Yeah, for sure, we will definitely have what we learned at service. Now.

00:12:19.900 --> 00:12:20.820
Andy Whiteside: Recap

00:12:21.070 --> 00:12:21.940
Fred Reynolds: perfect.

00:12:22.260 --> 00:12:23.700
Fred Reynolds: Thank you.

00:12:23.730 --> 00:12:25.400
Andy Whiteside: I appreciate it. We'll talk to you next time.

00:12:25.680 --> 00:12:26.530
Fred Reynolds: Yes, sir.